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Acme Shipping & Logistics is a freight forwarding company that combines its core experience of logistics and supply chain management in partnership with International and Regional carriers and Operators to negotiate lowest freight rates and pass freight savings back to the consumer. 

Our Mission is very simple; to offer Integrated, Cheaper, Better and Faster end-to-end shipping solutions for all export, import and general logistics services to almost anywhere.

International export and import operation is a complex process demanding a full understanding of the language, regulatory and documentation requirements of many governmental agencies at origin and destination ports.  We pride ourselves with these capabilities given successful years of experience within the logistics and supply chain management solutions.

We have reliable and efficient network of hubs and sub-hubs of carefully selected agents with sufficient local knowledge that guarantees our strength and ability to navigate through all complexities to accomplish prompt customs clearance, transfer and distribution.

Our Services

Shop online then ship Worldwide.
Shop online and get your goods delivered to us. We consolidate and ship your goods to you anywhere in the World.

We assist with payment should our customers are unable to pay from certain regions or due to currency differentiations. For instance, there are some European retailers that, for whatever reason, do not allow customers outside of the United Kingdom to pay for or even place an order on their website. Some refuse to accept a non-UK or non-EU credit card. This is where Acme Special Shipping Service is very useful. We will place your orders with retailers and suppliers on your behalf through this simple steps:

  1. Browse your shopping sites
  2. Send us your shopping list
  3. Pay us with your non-UK card
  4. We buy & ship your goods to your door

You can request whatever items in whatever sizes, colours and quantities you wish from whichever retailer you desire. We will then place the order on your behalf allowing you to pay us instead.
The cost of the Acme SSS includes the value of the goods, an administration fee, any costs for shipping to us in England and any applicable VAT. Shipping fees from Acme to your destination address will be invoiced separately once the goods have been received at any of our branches prior to shipment. This means that you can now access any EU goods or any overseas based retailer that you may desire without being restricted by your international or non-UK credit card.

We save our clients’ money by taking advantage of our consolidation services.
If you are buying multiple items, we will collect your items in our warehouse and hold until we receive instructions from you to ship on confirmation by you that all items are have been received. This saves our customers money on multiple shipment fees.
This service is designed to stop you from having to pay individual shipping fees for each item. Merging your packages into one package can reduce the overall size of the individual shipments and save you money on getting it shipped from our warehouse to your country.
We ensure your packages will remain in their original packaging, tags or instructed by you.

We provide our many customers procurement services and shipment of large packages and bespoke large items all over the world, including household furniture, large appliances, large car parts, bikes, agricultural machineries, plants, garden equipment, vehicles of all sizes, and lots of other large items, using euro pallets or containers via

  • Road Freight,
  • Courier Services
  • Sea Freight and
  • Air Freight

Where items are bulky or heavy and therefore outside our standard courier shipping parameters we will, at your request, work with haulers, freight forwarders, sea freight, pallet, and container shipping companies to provide you with the most cost-effective shipping method for international shipment.
Large items are usually shipped to your destination by either lorry, sea or air and we use all of the major international courier companies. We work with our international partners to obtain the best price to support us with larger sea and air freight shipments around the world.
Working with our dedicated partners, our large shipping options include:
• Custom large-item shipping by road freight, sea freight, and air freight
• Standard Euro pallets
• Custom size pallets
• 20-foot containers
• 40-foot containers
• 40-foot High Cubes

Occasionally, items can get misplaced or damaged in transit. Though we will do everything we can to resolve the situation as quickly as possible so that the process is as easy as it can be.

However, for peace of mind, we do recommend insurance cover for certain cargoes. Cost and limit of what the guarantee will cover is determined by the declared value of the goods

Air Cargo Freight

We provide Premium (Door to Door, Airport to Airport, or Airport to Ware House) Air Freight shipment to global destinations for all cargoes. Collection at your chosen location.

We can arrange the collection of your goods from any chosen location UK wide to the airport for shipment, or we book your goods, send you the documents for customer to drop-off to our dedicated facilities, or you send your goods to us.

This service is also available Worldwide and depends on location, volume and type of cargo.

We offer the following types of categories giving our customers the chance to choose from depending of destination:

We either collect from your address, you send your cargo to us, or you drop –off by yourself to our dedicated facilities. We consolidate your cargo and ship to your chosen airport.
Customers’ nominated agents then receives documents and proceed to clearing of goods with relevant agencies/Customs.

Same as above, but we undertake the clearance with relevant agencies and customs on behalf of clients. Then consignee collects from our dedicated warehouses or from our agents with appropriate identification for POD.

In this method, we factor in collection form origin or you deliver to us, or customer may choose to drop-off to our facilities, we then shipped, cleared with customs, transport via local network and deliver goods straight to consignee’s home.
Please note this service is only available to specific zones, Country and type of cargoes.

Complete form and take advantage of our low rates services, we will be in touch to negotiate your requirements.  

Completing this Form or giving us instructions to book or handle your shipments, confirms that your consignments complies with, CAA Dangerous, Hazardous and Prohibited Goods Regulations for UK goods, and ICAO Dangerous Goods Rules which can be found at; https://www.icao.int/safety/DangerousGoods/Pages/default.aspx, Cargo Origin and Destination Country Rules, and our terms and conditions.


Air Cargo Freight Form

Air Cargo Freight Form

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Dangerous, Hazardous and Prohibited Goods.

Please note that it is your responsibility, as the sender, to ensure the contents of your consignment meet the criteria spelt out by CAA for air shipment.

It is important to remember; you are the only person who knows what is inside your shipment.

By accepting the parcel, neither Acme Shipping nor the courier acknowledges the contents are acceptable for shipment.

• Hazardous Items will not be accepted on to any of our services.

• Prohibited items will not be accepted on to any of our services.

We recommend you please refer to CAA Examples of Hazardous Goods website as well as be aware of destination country restrictions on goods as different countries have different policies as because we shall not be responsible should your consignment be damaged, confiscated and or penalty imposed.

Cargo insurance is available on request at Customers cost to give you peace of mind to protect goods against loss or damage.

Ocean Freight Shipments

We offer this services via our multinational Shipping Lines operated from a number of different UK ports including Southampton, Bristol, Tilbury, Sheerness and Immingham depending of destination Country.

You can choose to deliver your vehicle to the port yourself or you can arrange for us to collect and deliver to the port for you using our nationwide collection service. Vehicles can be driven by a chauffeur driver, collected on recovery truck, if your vehicle does not fulfil the UK legal requirements to be driven on UK Roads.
With, larger vehicles such as tractors or plant equipment, we arrange the use of specialised vehicles for transportation to the port.

Worthy of note that we can also arrange and facilitate shipment from any of the European Ports, all we require are comprehensive information.
To request a quotation to ship your vehicle please post your enquiry using our quote form

Shipping vehicle in a container may provide a better solution to your requirements than a Roll on Roll off (Ro Ro) service depending on the type of vehicle you have to ship, your intended destination or it may simply be your preference to use a container to ship your vehicle. 

Customers can utilise the abundant spaces to have some personal items or perhaps spare parts loaded onto the container or these can be loaded in your vehicle and shipped with it inside your container to save costs.

We also provide a daily collection service throughout the UK and can arrange for your vehicle to be delivered to our container loading facility. You can of course deliver your vehicle yourself and we book your delivery time with the port and provide you with the documentation and dock passes needed to hand over your vehicle when you arrive.

Great care is taken to safely load your car so that it remains well secured for the duration of shipment to destination and does not move within the container either while at sea or being loaded and unloaded from the ship.

Here cargoes are consolidated with other customers’ goods and loaded on to the container for shipment. Customers pay only for their cargo depending on nature, weight and volume occupied.
Container is then shipped and cleared by us at destination port, cargoes sorted and released to respective consignees with POD signed on collection.
Excellent cost saving method of shipping general goods.

This is a method when customers booked and have the whole container unit to load their cargoes only, from 20ft to 40ft High Cube dry cargo and reefer containers.

Contact us with your requirements and we will provide competitive quote options, book and arrange with haulier to drop-off the unit to your chosen location for loading.

Option 1: Container remains on top of a waggon at customer’s address, driver waits while customer loads, driver seals and takes container straight to the port after loading for shipment.

Option 2: Container is dropped-off on ground for customer to load at ease, driver returns to collect within specific days and time as agreed by both parties to seal and takes container to the port.

Ocean Freight Quote Form

Ocean Freight Quote Form

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These Rules Applies to all RORO Cargoes via Grimaldi Shipping Lines 

All cargo must firstly comply with our general modalities which are available online relating to stacking, lashing, securing and the general profile requirements for units presented for export.

With regards to cargo loaded within and on units, this will once again be accepted as long as it is loaded in line with general terms of the modalities and taking into account the following:

personal effects /spare parts inside cars, small vans, big vans and truck/trailers provided:

  • they can be visually inspected (meaning that loading compartment must be accessible)
  •  inspection can be done in safe manner
  • all stacked /stuffed items need to be seaworthy stowed/stacked and lashed/secured (see additional points below*)

We remind all shippers that they will be rejected if goods found on or in RORO units are:  

  • Hazardous in nature, f.e. fuels/lubricants/flammable goods…..etc..)Illegal items (arms/ammunition /etc… )
  • Environmentally prohibited items related to both export and import countries
  • Perishable items
  • Dirty and leaking oil or other liquids

Where presented as stated in our announcement of the 20th March (see below), Tanktainers/Trailer must have valid and verified Gas free/ Cleaning certificates, and the weight of the unit is in line with the unladed plated weight of the unit.  

Please be aware that our modalities will be strictly enforced, any previous leniency in regards to 3 tier stacking and heights etc., will no longer be allowed. The decision of the Grimaldi Port Captain will be final.

*We remind all shippers that no weight tolerance is allowed, and all units must be within their plated weight / axle limits

*Cargo stacked on trucks / trailers must remain within the plated weight of the base vehicle as well in the case of a third-tier unit, the carrying unit.

*No cargo loaded on trucks/ trailers can be loaded on compressible items, all cargo must be loaded in profile and on designed load bearing points. No cargo can over hang or rest on the Drivers cabin.

Guides to Shipping your vehicle out of the UK

The length of time you intend to export your vehicle from the UK for will determine declarations that you will need to make to the UK authorities and to overseas customs. It will also play an important role in determining what documentation that will be required both in the UK and on arrival at destination.
Please feel free to call us on 02380 472 025 for any further information.

If you are taking your vehicle out of Great Britain permanently you must notify DVLA. If you have a Registration Document (V5) you can do this by completing section C to show the intended date of export. The V5 should then be returned to DVLA or to a DVLA Local Office. In its place you will receive a Certificate of Permanent Export (V561) as confirmation of your vehicle’s registration. If you have a Registration Certificate (V5C) then you must notify export on the purple section (V5C/4). You must take your Registration Certificate with you as you may have to hand it over to the relevant authority when the vehicle is registered abroad.

Information on permanent export of a vehicle can be found on the GOV.UK web site (Link to DVLA Site)

If you are taking your vehicle out of the country for less than 12 months you must make sure you take your Registration Document (V5) / Certificate (V5C) with you. If you do not have one, you should apply to a DVLA Local Office on form V62. The Registration Certificate may take up to 14 days to arrive. If you need to travel during this time you will need to apply for Temporary Registration Certificate. You should apply well before your journey, as there could be delays of up to 14 days in issuing the Certificate if you are not already recorded as the vehicle keeper. There is a fee for this service. You should make sure that you meet any international and national conditions for licensing and taxation.
Information on temporary export of a vehicle can be found on the GOV.UK web site here.
If you are only shipping your vehicle from the UK for a limited time you may wish to consider obtaining a Carnet de Passage to avoid having to pay a deposit to the customs authorities in the country of destination. If you intend to apply for a Carnet de Passage you should make sure your application is made well in advance as it can take over a month for the application process to complete.
We can normally ship a vehicle without an export certificate, however your certificate will reduce the chance of delays by clarifying to UK Customs and Excise the correct ownership of your vehicle.

In addition to notifying the DVLA that you will be shipping your vehicle from the UK there are another couple of quick checks that we advise you make to avoid unnecessary delays and so that you know what to expect at destination when your vehicle arrives.

Check your vehicles history
Without an Export Certificate, UK customs may decide to check on any outstanding finance owed, especially if it is a new or high value vehicle. In the event that outstanding finance is due, you may still be able to ship your vehicle providing you can get written approval from the loan company. Checking the history of your vehicle before arranging shipment will help avoid last minute delays.

Check Duty and Taxes at destination
We can ship your vehicle anywhere! However, please bear in mind that you may be liable to pay import duties and taxes to the customs authorities at destination once your vehicle has arrived at the destination port. While we can assist you with the necessary import clearance documentation, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are conversant with import regulations and requirements in your country of destination. We have no control over charges incurred by customs authorities overseas. They may charge duties and taxes at their discretion.

Courier Services

At Acme, we also provide Global and Regional Courier delivery services ranging from documents, small parcels or pallets, our dynamic Courier Services are competent, dependable with capability to deliver timely.

Our relationships with the likes of UPS, TNT, FedEx or DHL makes us very efficient with very competitive rates.

We book and send you Air Way Bill to print and paste of consignment for our courier to collect or you can either drop off at a local “drop” point.

You can track your shipment for peace of mind.

We offer a dedicated multi-drop courier service to customers in need of delivering a number of packages on the same day to support their distribution at peak times whilst avoiding the incumbent overheads and commitments of employing additional members of staff.

We allocate a driver and a vehicle at a competitive rate for the day. As part of this service our driver will report to you at the start of the working day for a briefing. At this point you can provide instructions, addresses, the respective paperwork, a route plan and organise the loading of your parcels, packages, stock or pallets onto our vehicles.

Some companies use this services a Contract Run Services to support their transportation distribution services depending on their requirements, either on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly collections and deliveries to and from locations of their choice.

We provide international courier service for envelopes, documents and small packages, small equipment. We operate through our approved courier partner network which means we are able to offer our customers cost-effective deliveries to international locations around the world. Customers are able to track their consignments throughout the distribution network to final destination with notification of delivery.

Customs Clearance

Our extensive knowledge and experience of global Customs clearance procedures saves our customers time and money.

We ensure all Importing and Exporting cargos satisfies official customs formalities and regulations in order to proceed across international borders, minimising any unnecessary delays or expenses.

Our hubs and sub-hubs of agents provides in-house customs clearance services. This provides an easy, efficient and legally compliant transit of international goods.

Shipping & Logistics Company of the Year

Shipping & Logistics Company of the Year

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